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Merlin BIS-10
The ever popular Merlin BIS-10 set. If you own a Merlin system, chances are you might own at least one - features include Built in Speakerphone, Hands Free Answer on Intercom(HFAI), conference, hold, transfer and more....

Condition: remanufactured only (manufacturer discontinued) NOTE: Be advised that ALL MERLIN phones are manufacturer discontinued - available only remanufactured

List price: $295.00 - Our price: $89.00

AT&T/Lucent ISDN phone #8510
Another popular set among the larger client is the AT&T/Lucent model 8510 ISDN phone. This phone is used in a ISDN service environment and is available through PK Tech with or without an RS-232 data port. Supported by 5ESS "Custom" or "National" configuration. Some of the features include a 2 way built in speakerphone, LCD display, hold, transfer, conference & more ... Click here for a diagram of the phone.

Condition: remanufactured only (manufacturer discontinued)

List price: $575.00 Our price: Call for current pricing (non-data port)

List price: $775.00 Our price: Call for current pricing (with RS-232 data port)

Intuity AYC21 E1/T1 card
AYC21 - If your company uses the AT&T/Lucent Intuity / Conversant system PK Tech has in stock the E1/T1 cards used in this special application. For your reference, the PEC code is :71210.

Condition: remanufactured

List price: $12,312.00 ... Our price: Call for special pricing

Merlin Magix 4424LD+
PK Tech carries Merlin Magix 4424LD phones and the entire Magix line! Contact us today.

Condition: New

List price: $650.00 ... Our price: $459.00 OVERSTOCKED NOW: $199.00!!!

Polycom Soundpoint full duplex speaker adjunct
Look neat? It sounds even better! Polycom is the renowned leader of cost effective audio conferencing products. Armed with full duplex sound quality & unbeatable convienience, this speaker adjunct will allow you to speak hands free with no "clipping or garbled" sound! Call us today or email us to find out more about this product

The popular MLS-12D for all Lucent / Avaya Partner systems
The MLS-12D model phone is the standard for your Lucent / Avaya Partner system. If you own a Partner system & require a set w/ display, (remember - 1 required for programming!) this would do the trick! Features include, 10 programmable buttons, 2 intercom buttons, built-in-speakerphone, hold, conference, and alot more.

Condition: Remanufactured ONLY

List Price: $335.00 Call for latest pricing!

The Callmaster phone for your Call Center needs
The Callmaster model phone is very popular with companies who run ACD Call Centers. If your company is a Callmaster user, call PK Tech for the best pricing & availability.

Condition: unused or remanufactured

List price: $721.00 Our price: Call for latest pricing!

Merlin Legend 408MLX card
Do you own a Merlin Legend? The 408 MLX circuit card allows you to add up to 4 additional telephone lines & up to 8 additional MLX style phones! PK Tech makes expansion easy!

Condition: Remanufactured

List price: $1855.00 Our Price: $495.00

The Netopia R7100C SDSL router
PK Tech has in stock the Netopia R7100C 8 port DSL router. No software to upload - auto configures to your DSL line, this is what you need to network up to 8 connections - in the home or office!

Condition: Tested working, includes power supply - no cables - installation info / software can be obtained from Netopia website.

List price:$795.00 Our price:$295.00 ea.

Merlin BIS-22D display phone
Merlin BIS-22D! If you have a Merlin system & are looking for a great deal on display phones - contact PK Tech today. Built in speakerphone & display - plus an extra row of programmable buttons make this a set for everyone.

Condition: Remanufactured - (Manufacturer discontinued!) NOTE: Be advised that ALL MERLIN phones are manufacturer discontinued - available only remanufactured

List price: $375.00 Our price:$195.00 ea.

KCB17 ISDN 5ess central office card
PK Tech has in stock the KCB17(e5isd20a) - KCB6 - KCB10 - TN832C - TN831C - bbf1b 106543606 bbg2b 108247990 21G OLIU circuit card - 336A1 BCU # MC97776A1B (5SPQABTAAA) - BCU # MC97777A1B (5SPQAB8AAA) for the AT&T 5ESS central office switch - we carry the complete line of all 5ESS & DDM hardware. Call us today for any item not listed - way too much to list!

Condition: Remanufactured

List price:$389.00 Our price: $130.00

QPC720E   -   QPC720F
PK Tech has in stock both the Nortel QPC720E PRI card & the Nortel QPC720F nt8d02ea circuit card

Condition: Remanufactured

List price:$2999.00 ea. Our price: $595.00 ea.

This is just a small list of the equipment carries. All equipment is fully warrantied & carries our guarantee of client satisfaction. Shop PK Tech with confidence! You'll deal with real people who understand your requirements and take your deadlines seriously.

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If there is an item you're looking for, but not listed. PK Tech is committed to helping you with any equipment requirement you have.


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