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Have a Lucent, AT&T, or Avaya telephone system? Looking to expand or just add a phone???

Merlin BIS-10 voice terminal

If you currently use a Lucent Technologies or AT&T phone system, make PK Tech your source for all of your telephone needs!

6408 w/ Display for Definity & PrologixAre you looking for a reliable source for Lucent hardware?

Lucent/AT&T 8528T ISDN phone

Partner18D display set Do you have a Lucent Technologies or AT&T business phone system? PK Tech can supply you with quality equipment by Lucent Technologies for any requirement you may have. We carry unused and remanufactured hardware by Lucent & AT&T!

7406 Plus w/ DisplayWe also carry "vintage" equipment too such as System 75/85, even Dimension hardware is still available. We want to become your single source for all of your Lucent/AT&T hardware requirements.

We can supply you with:

Partner - Spirit - Merlin - Merlin Plus - Merlin Legend - System 75 - System 85 - System 25 - Definity - Dimension - - All AT&T / Lucent ISDN sets: 6500 series - 7500 series - 8500 series - NT1's - Central Office 5ESS DDM2000

We accept
Remember: We want to buy your old / excess equipment too! Fax it it to:1-908-928-0222

Email us with your requirement & start saving today!

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