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Are you a phone installer?

PK Tech is always looking qualified, reputable installation / technicians NATIONWIDE! - fill out the form below & get added to our database! PK Tech can also supply you with quality Lucent / Avaya equipment. Contact us today @ 1-888-353-8332 or

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PK Tech is serious about success. We believe clients are those who keep us in business. It is our mission to partner with like-minded phone installers & interconnects who share our basic business values. Before you click on the submit button above, it's important that you agree with the criteria listed below:

1. Timely - on site when you say you will be.
2. Reliable - PK Tech can throw alot of businesss your way.
3. Trustworthy - You're brought in to install only - PK Tech provides the equipment unless otherwise discussed.
4. Sober - Do not go to the job site under the influence of alcohol or mind impairing drugs.
5. Knowledgeable - Our clients expect the installer to know how to program & train on the system they've purchased. It's important that you inform PK Tech of which systems you are heavily experienced in & light on experience with. In some cases we can provide you with over the phone tech support.
6. You must provide proof of insurance (liability, etc ...) before work is performed.

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